Software Lifecycle Management

You've selected ViryaNet G4. Now you're ready to configure, deploy, and maintain the solution. How can you simplify the implementation and ease the operation of ViryaNet G4's functional components? And how can you best utilize the functionality of ViryaNet G4?

A major pressure on enterprises is dealing with the cost and risk of managing the full lifecycle of complex software applications, including:

  • the initial deployment to bridge the gap between an off-the-shelf application and the demands of internal users
  • the need to support a dynamic business environment that is constantly changing

ViryaNet G4 Software Lifecycle Management

ViryaNet G4 - Technical Diagram - Model - Configure - Integrate - Extend - Deploy
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ViryaNet G4 Software Lifecycle Management of the ViryaNet G4 Product Suite contains specific components to configure, deploy, and maintain the solution. Features include:

Model your entire service business

  • Resource Model
  • Work Order Model
  • Inventory Model
  • Customer Model
  • Service Model

Enjoy unprecedented configurability

  • Tables
  • Parameters
  • Rules
  • Flows
  • User Interface Preferences (including localization)

Easily integrate into your applications environment, utilizing standard open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and a rich set of technical adapters

  • APIs (Data Infrastructure APIs, Resource APIs, Work Order APIs, Optimizer APIs, Inventory APIs, Miscellaneous APIs)
  • Adapters (File Adapter, Web Adapter, Database Adapter, Java Adapter, Email Adapter, JMS Adapter)

Rely on an enterprise-grade scalable, reliable and secured deployment

  • Industry standard and validated infrastructure
  • High availability techniques
  • Role-based and data-level security, encryption, SSL and LDAP support

The ViryaNet G4 extensibility framework addresses the 3 most common needs for customization in the context of mobile workforce management: enabling the cost-effective implementation of unique needs, supporting change, and continuous improvement.

Brochure: ViryaNet G4

Achieve higher levels of workforce productivity and attain operational excellence for your field service organization.